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Road Safety Products

Item Code: BHM-022

Wheel Clamps


  • Most suited for Cars, Jeeps, Vans etc against theft
  • Minimum opening width when closed is 35mm and when opened is 275mm
  • Forks of clamps are made of soft PVC to protect the vehicles from scratches.
  • Heavy in weight.

Item Code: BHM-023

PVC Link Chains


  • Used as temporary barricade to cordon off areas
  • Easily used in mall,airports etc
  • Available in the S type and oval type also
  • Variant colours as red,white and yellow available

Item Code: BHM-024

Q Managers


  • Made out of Stainless Steel with a heavy rubber base
  • Ideal for crowd management during shows,event managements and banks
  • Tubular type
  • Consist of 2poles with single rope
  • Length of rope: approx 2mtr
  • Colours of belts available :red,green ,blue and black

Item Code: BHM-025

Traffic Batons


  • Easy to use with rechargeable battery
  • Available in red green and also a combination of red and green

Item Code: BHM-026

Q Stand with The Velvet Rope


  • Made out of Stainless Steel
  • Ideal for crowd management
  • Consist of 2poles with single rope
  • Length of pole: approx 1mtr
  • Length of rope: approx 2mtr
  • With heavy rubber base

Item Code: BHM-027

Caution Tapes / Danger Tapes


  • High Visuality
  • Non Tearable
  • Standard length 250mtr
  • Can be customized as per client specification
  • Safety-coding indicating potentially hazardous areas

Item Code: BHM-028

Speed Brakers


  • Easy installation procedure
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Sizes:350Wx500Lx50H
  • Available with End caps too

Item Code: BHM-029

Road Studs


  • Composite strength around 35 tons
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • White and Yellow available
  • Fixed with help of epoxy adhesives
  • Solar Road Studs also available

Item Code: BHM-030

Spring Post


  • Flexible spring post
  • Pole Diameter:80mm
  • Height:750mm
  • Consists of three band s of 2 with reflective strips
  • Also called as Dilineator Post

Item Code: BHM-031

Crash Barries / Traffice Barries


  • Made of single piece with option of filling sand at the bottom.
  • Made of Plastic
  • The total height of the Traffic Barriers is 1100 mm with the vertical display part having a width of 200 mm at the bottom and tapering to a width of 150 mm at the top and a base of diameter 250 mm.
  • Reflective Stickers provided at an extra cost.

Item Code: BHM-032

Warnings Boards / Wet Floor Stands


  • Excellent visibility, portable and compact design
  • Height:650mm
  • Base:320mmx310mm

Item Code: BHM-033

Traffic Cones


  • Retractable Steel Police Baton comes with a rubber covered handle for easy gripping and a heavy-duty nylon holster for easy carrying.
  • It is preferred by many law enforcement personnel over the old nightstick.
  • The famed Retractable Steel Police Baton provides both the plainclothes and uniformed professional with a compact, inconspicuous, yet devastatingly effective impact instrument.