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Ear Plugs & Ear Muffs

Item Code: BHM-112

3 m Ear Plugs


  • Reduces the level of noise
  • Takes the shape of the ear
  • Made of soft polyreuthane
  • Make:#M

Item Code: BHM-113

Earplug Dispensers


  • Consists of disposable ear plugs
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Can be reloaded to maximum number of 500 earplugs at a time
  • Most essential in shipping,maritime and industries where noise levels are high
  • CE Approved

Item Code: BHM-114

Bilsom Ear Muff


  • Fully dielectric and safe from industrial haards
  • Durable,Light and user friendly
  • Consists of a head band to give added support to the EarMuff
  • Make: Bilsom, 3M, Venus

Item Code: BHM-115

Ear Protector


  • Comfortable, Nontoxic and non allergic
  • Reusable for six Months
  • Reflects sound waves with great preciseness
  • Made of soft,pliable and synthetic rubber